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Community Health Program

Child Nutrition Program

Young children are very curious and always ready to explore new foods. The sooner they are introduced to a wide variety of healthy foods, the better the chances they will accept and enjoy them.


DID YOU KNOW…. Early childhood is a critical learning period, during which children develop eating habits that will influence their relationship with food for a lifetime!!

Available nutrition services are directed (but not limited) to the following topics :

Prenatal nutrition :

 Healthy eating habits for mom to support a healthy pregnancy & building a healthy baby

 Healthy gestational weight gain; tailored to the mothers prepregnancy weight & health status

 Assessing the diet for the key nutrient needs during pregnancy and adjusting intake accordingly

 Food safety during pregnancy to avoid foodborne illness

 Managing pregnancy symptoms/ digestive tolerance issues

Postnatal/ new mothers:

 Breastfeeding/artificial baby milk information & concerns

 Re-evaluate your nutritional needs; an adequate diet is especially important to help ensure your health and to supply you with the energy necessary to care for your new baby

 Help you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight

 Tips and healthy recipes to help you plan, shop for and cook healthy meals

 Information to help you interpret food labels, the latest food trends and products


 How & when to introduce solid/ complimentary food

 Healthy eating for optimal growth & development

 Individualized counseling on how to feed your infant, a “picky” eater, or an active preschooler

 How to deal with frustration or concerns when your child is not eating and/or not growing as expected


The MCA community health program has a maternal & child health registered dietitian on the team. She works with pregnant women, new mothers and babies/children to provide optimal nutrition during these life stages.  Catherine Ciampini, MSc, RD Registered Dietitian MCA Department of Health Community Health Program 613-575-2341 x3223, located at the Kanonhkwat’sheri:io Health Facility 31 Hilltop Drive, St. Regis, QC H0M-1A0.

Healthy Babies Healthy Children 


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