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AMBE Early Years Program

The Ahkwesahsne Early Years Program hosts a full day Head Start program which is under the Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of Education (AMBE). Each district school accommodates the program within the district school.  The program provides transportation via bus and is free of charge for children who turn 3 years of age by December 1st.  
AMBE also hosts full day kindergarten age four (K4) classes, and kindergarten age five (K5) classes as a part of the early years program.  Additionally AMBE schools include grades 1-8 within the community.

Ahkwesahsne Mohawk School

Principal: Denise Jackson

Phone: 613-932-3366

Fax: 613-932-7722


28 AMS Road
Akwesasne, Ontario
K6H 0G5


Kana:takon School

Principal: Courtney Thomas

Phone: 613-575-2323

Fax: 613-575-1910


28 Second Street
Akwesasne, Quebec




Tsi Snaihne School

Principal: Lynda Brown

Phone: 613-575-2291

Fax: 613-575-2827


127 Snye School Road

Akwesasne, Quebec

H0M 1A1

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